Camp Rules


  1. Due to Covid19 restrictions no visitors will be allowed at all during the week of camp.
  2. No friends may visit any camper or staff.

CLOTHING: The dress code is rooted in the desire to encourage campers to dress in a manner that reflects Christian modesty and stewardship of what the Lord has given.  Christians can hurt their testimony by the clothing they wear and the way they wear it. In general, outfits that are too tight or too short do not honor the Lord and are not allowed. Not everyone who comes to camp is saved so we need to set a good example.  Our goal is also for campers to dress appropriately for the activities of a typical camp day. Modesty is an issue for both the boys and the girls. Some of the clothing styles today are not designed with modesty in mind. Keeping this in mind, these are the dress code guidelines for all campers and staff attending PNWC.

  1. No visible undergarments. No Spandex. Leggings, yoga pants, denim leggings and other tight apparel may only be worn when covered by other camp appropriate apparel. No tight form fitting shorts or shirts are allowed.
  2. Shorts must not be shorter than midway between the top of your inseam and the top of your knee when standing or sitting.
  3. Skirts and dresses must be knee length or longer when standing or sitting at all events including the Citation Ceremony.
  4. All forms of clothing (except swimwear for males) must cover the wearer’s midriff front and back.
  5. No razor back, spaghetti straps, camis, V-neck or low-cut necklines. Tank tops with straps that are the width of three of your fingers and easily cover all under garments are acceptable.
  6. No lewd clothing which exhibits alcohol, drug, tobacco products, satanic symbols, inappropriate language, or other offensive displays.
  7. No clothing which displays text or images that draw inappropriate visual attention to discreet parts of the anatomy.
  8. For females, a modest suit, covering midriff with no low-cut necklines is required while swimming. Thong, G-string, and high French-cut styles are not acceptable.
  9. For males, a “boxer” style suit with at least a 5 inch inseam & nylon or mesh liner is required while swimming.


  1. No display of body piercing (other than earrings for females).
  2. Footwear is required at all times except in the showers, cabins, and while swimming. Athletic shoes are required for Team Activity Time, no cleats allowed.
  3. Public displays of affection are out of place at camp. Do not spend your days exclusively with one particular member of the opposite gender.
  4. Once the chapel service has started, do not leave your seat to visit the restroom. These things should be taken care of beforehand. All counselors are expected to sit with campers and their team in the main section of the Chapel.
  5. Hats, sunglasses, and swimwear are inappropriate in Bible Class, chapel, and the dining hall. No food in Bible Class and chapel.
  6. Use quiet voices while outside after dark.
  7. No personal electronic devices are allowed. This includes Radios, CD players, iPods, Cell Phones, electronic games, etc. All electronic items will be confiscated by the Camp Director and held until the end of camp. Cell phones are NOT acceptable alarm clock devices, or cameras. Other digital or film cameras are allowed.
  8. A Camper violating any of the above policies will meet with the Camp Director and a designee to resolve the violation. Failure to comply with any of the policies will result in being sent home.
  9. The use of all tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs and firearms is prohibited at camp.
  10. Hazing and pranks are not allowed.
  11. I agree to follow all rules and restrictions related to Covid-19.
  12. The interpretation of these rules will be decided by the Camp Director or his/her designee and that decision is final. Anyone determined to be in violation of these rules will be asked to correct his/her behavior and if not willing to do so, will be asked to leave the camp. If a minor is asked to leave camp, his or her parents/guardians will be contacted immediately to arrange transportation.