PNWC Playlist

This is the list of songs that we play at camp, including links to YouTube videos. You can also get to a YouTube playlist of these songs at Camp Music or listen to our playlist on Spotify.
Camper Orientation and Closing Ceremony: Angus Dei – Third Day
End of Taps: (Played Live) Reveille – West Point Band
End of Flagpole music (we haven’t used this for a while): The Washington Post  – US Marine Band
Trek Morning Devotion/Journey Breakfast: God of Wonders – Caedmon’s Call
Evening Activity: Happy Day – Tim Hughes
Journey Cabin Devotions/Trek Personal Cleanup: Show Me Your Glory –  Third Day
Trek Cabin Devotions/Journey Personal Cleanup: Seek Ye First – Maranatha! Music
Trek Cabin Devotions End: Father I Adore You – Matt Brouwer
Taps: (Played live) Taps – US Army Band