Chuck Doyle’s Awana Story

Chuck Doyle

Chuck Doyle


Chuck became a Christian when he was around 12 years old.  He had been sick and was trying to find a baseball game on the radio. The radio settled on the Billy Graham Crusade program and wouldn’t let him change the station, so he listened and realized he was a sinner and needed the Lord.  The Holy Spirit can be very convincing.

Fast forward to after his time in the Navy.  He returned to Alderwood [Community Church] and soon became involved with the children’s ministry.  After a few years, a new pastor brought Awana to us.  He started out as a Pioneer leader and game leader.  The first missionary he worked with was Chuck Talcott.  Since no one knew the games, they asked him to come and teach the clubbers, and his love affair of Awana games was born.  He was Pioneer game leader for several years.  After becoming the Commander and later took over as Pioneer director he gave up the game director role.

Our oldest son became eligible for camp in Ca and since we had started to hear about it, Chuck and some leaders took a group down to “check” it out.  Now remember Chuck DID NOT camp, but he fell in love with Awana camp.  He was a team captain one year and it was there that he met David Genn, our next missionary. At one point he lead a group of high schoolers through Shipmates, now known as Journey 24/7.  Being a part of the ministry teams of Genn’s, Weiland’s and Frakes’, becoming the voice of the AwanaGames, and working behind the scenes to keep camp running were highlights for him.

When God called him home he was in his 39th year of Awana at ACC – 35 as Commander, had 25+ years with camp and served on three ministry teams.  He always said camp was a “mountain top experience” and wanted everyone that could to attend.  He would be so thrilled to know kids are attending camp with money given in his memory.  Besides his family and the Lord, serving Awana was his life.

Judy Doyle, Wife