Register for the Citation Ceremony at PNWC

The Citation Award is the highest award that can be earned in Awana. Given only to high school seniors and adults who have completed 10 years’ worth of Awana curriculum — third through 12th grade — including all associated activities.

If you or someone you know is earning their Citation this year, please join us for a very special celebration to honor them. If your son or daughter is attending PNWC you do not need to register them for this ceremony or submit a picture of them as we will do this at camp. The formal program will be held on Saturday, August 10th starting at 6:00pm. Upon arrival at camp we asked that you head directly to the chapel, there will be seating available in the back.

Please invite your family to join you! The reason that we ask you to register is so that we know how many to plan seating for and if we will be including you in the ceremony then we need to add you into the slide show, and we also need you to bring your Citation with you.

Deadline for registration is August 7th.

Please wear attire within camp guidelines:

  1. No visible undergarments. No “spandex” clothing of any type.
  2. Shorts must at least reach your fingertips when held directly at your side.
  3. Skirts and dresses should be knee length or longer.
  4. All forms of clothing must cover the wearer’s midriff front and back.
  5. No tank tops, spaghetti straps, camis, or low-cut necklines.
  6. No lewd clothing which exhibits alcohol, drug, tobacco products, satanic symbols, inappropriate language, or other offensive displays.
  7. No clothing which displays text or images that draw inappropriate visual attention to discreet parts of the anatomy.

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