Parent Consent for Contact


Please read the after camp contact portion of Pacific Northwest Camp’s Child Protection Policy.

“We encourage Godly communication between counselors and campers. The content must be limited to encouraging the camper personally in their spiritual development by maintaining personal devotions and Bible reading, regular church attendance, and encouraging them to qualify for camp in the following year. No communication between counselor and a minor camper is acceptable without prior parental/legal guardian consent.

Any electronic communications, including emails, text messages and messages sent through social media sites, or otherwise, to former or current campers must be sent to a group rather than to individuals, or individual messages must be communicated through parents or guardians. Any messages sent to children/youth that are not part of a group communication must also be copied to a parent at the same time. If copying a parent is inappropriate, any non-group communication must also be copied to a member of the camp staff (or his/her designee for such communications). All communications with children/youth and parents must comply with the camp’s CP and standard of conduct policies and all other applicable policies. No communication between counselor and camper is acceptable without prior parental/legal guardian consent.

Your consent below will allow our counselors and staff to have contact with your child after your child requests the contact on a social networking site.

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    I give permission for counselors and staff from Pacific Northwest Camp 2023 to have contact with my child, on public forums of social networking sites.

    The purpose of this contact is to encourage my child in their Christian walk, and to finish their next Awana book so they can qualify to attend Pacific Northwest Camp 2024.

    Questions or Comments?

    If you would prefer, you may print this form, and mail to:

    Pacific Northwest Camp
    13610 3rd Ave South
    Burien, WA 98168